In 1997 I built my own panoramic camera, a 6x17cm film camera created out of two Mamiya twin lens reflex cameras welded together, and a large format lens (90mm super angulon).  Although I changed to an easier-to-use Hasselblad Xpan in 2002, this set me on a path of creating fine art landscapes, printed at large (103 x 38cm) size in a traditional darkroom, and exhibited throughout South Africa. This included joint art exhibitions with well-known traditional artists, as well as retail shops and interior design trade shows.  In a ten year period from 1997 to 2007 I sold roughly 3500 photographs, which still (I hope) hang in collections all over the world to today.  I get the occasional email from a hotel whose guest has stolen one of my works, and I gladly send them a scan of the negative for reprinting, as I have long since left darkroom work behind, although the entire world of photography remains a deep love of mine.

In 2007 Art Publishers produced a book of my photographs and some words called "Africa by Inspiration" of which you can still find secondhand copies on Amazon, from library collections and the odd disillusioned book owner.  I've bought some of them.  It was in many ways a culmination of ten years of work, and although my photography has advanced in the meantime it is a body of work that is close to my heart and of which I remain deeply proud.

These are some of those images.

Some of you may remember them from and from my adverts in Habitat magazine.  By all means contact me to discuss availablility.  I still have all the negatives and complete records of sold limited editions, and for many images there are still editions available.

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