In 1997 I couldn't afford to buy a ready made 6x17cm medium format panoramic camera.

So I made one.

I took two Mamiya C330 bodies (actually I think one might have been a C220 so they weren't even identical), chopped them up in the appropriate places and then joined them together to make one really long body, carefully welding the backs together, building new film rails and glueing 3/4 of one of the focussing bellows to the other 3/4.  A large format lens finished the task, and with only a few teething problems like small light leaks it went on to become my main camera for several years.

I easily see the world in panoramic format.  I have no need to see it through the camera to know if an image will work, so an accurate viewfinder is merely a luxury.


So I have little problem attaining a balanced composition even using a wire frame finder which I often used on this camera (although pictured here with a modified separate optical viewfinder).  To this day I photograph instinctively, and once I identify a scene by feel I capture images very quickly without very much left-brained activity at all. 

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